ICT and Autism

Why ICT and Autism?

  • For many people with a hf autism profile, intellectual challenge is a must.  This challenge needs to be clear in terms of goals, methods, structure and learning facilities. It also needs to be rewarding. There are a number of fields within ICT which comply with these.
  • The special group is generally focused on content and less (or not) on people. People skills are not their forté.
  • Hyperfocus and curiosity is their strength in addition to their (above average) intelligence.

Frequently asked ICT professions that fit well with a hf autism profile

  • Software developer / engineer (Java, C #, PHP, C ++)
  • Data engineer / data scientist
  • Cyber security specialist / Ethical hacker
  • Full stack developer
  • Cloud specialist (Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Database specialists
  • Data analysts
  • Big Data engineers
  • Container specialists

Lesser demand in general

  • Web developers (partially through oversupply and limited demand)
  • Basic network / system administrators (without formal vendor certification)
  • Basic knowledge of scripting languages i.e. Python, Javascript, Ruby, etc.

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