Let me do it anyway 

Start a blog about people with autism who have a passion for IT. Yes, IT and not ICT. Communication is not the strongest side of people with autism. What do you say? Communication, the "C" in ICT relates to the technical aspects of communication and communication protocols, well, of course. Nevertheless, I’ll omit the "C", just nice and plain "IT".

I do not want to talk about those guys* who have an established place as SMEs or as technical experts at some IT company, but I focus on those other champs that are at home and cannot be found because of our exclusive society. Not because they can't, but because they don't fit, because they are different.

Smart, talented, lots of potential but different. Square pegs in round holes. Our society wants round holes, we are completely set up for that, our education system, our mental health system and of course our work system.

I will mainly use this blog to give a voice to the large group of high functional Assers who are crazy about programming, networks, IT infrastructures, databases, BI, cyber security, (ethical) hacking and more. 20,000+ people with a HBO or higher potential who see no chance of making a place in our neuro-typical world.

That can't be true, what a waste of talent and let's face it ... what a massive waste of money.

* I will use the male form but in a generic sense. Of course there are females in the IT sector and I would love to see a lot more.