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Many organisations that support (young) people with high functioning autism or are gifted often have issues with communication where ICT is concerned.
Besides the misunderstanding, and in many cases underestimation of the true cognitive capacity of the person concerned, organisations lack insight in the language of programmers, hackers and other ICT technical mumbo-jumbo. 

A significant number of people with an autism profile or are gifted are very attracted to ICT,  Deviate facilitates both organisations and individuals in the combination ICT and autism.

Hi, my name is Harry Lemmens,

I graduated as a clinical psychologist and worked as a first-echelon psychotherapist for many years. Then I made the switch to the ICT sector in the late 1980s.  Via ICT technology I went on with the combination of technology and people in the form of change management with Cambridge Technology Partners (
After various (training) management roles, I joined up with the freshly started
ITvitae in March 2014, there I was responsible for Selection and Recruitment.

The combination of psychology and ICT fit perfectly into this setting. These past few years have given me a  beter understanding  of the world of high functioning autism. The knowledge and experience gained with these groups of people have led to different insights concerning HF autism. Some of these I will share through my

I also added posts that I have placed on
Quora on the topic of Autism.

University of Leiden, University of Applied Science Rotterdam, UWV,  Dutch National Railway, Achmea Insurance and more

Guest lectures 

on the topic of High Functioning Autisme from a social perspective.


He Felt Isolated and Adrift After an Autism Diagnosis.
Can He Make It as a Cybersleuth?


It just maybe that neurodiversity is the actual motor behind every social advancement, breaking free from the status quo and collective thinking.

Izz ad-Din Ruhulessin  23 April 2017

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Social versus clinical perception of autism

We perceive things from a certain viewpoint and in many cases not realizing that it is just a viewpoint and not an objective reality.  

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